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 Safety is a top priority at Greenleaf Electric.  According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), fire departments respond each year to around 50,000 U.S. home fires involving electrical failure or malfunction.  These fires result in more than 450 deaths, more than 1,500 injuries, and around $1.5 billion in direct property damage. Most importantly, electrical fires endanger you and your loved ones.

Roughly half of home electrical fires are electrical related  Nearly half of home electrical fires are a result of work done by un-licenced contractors or by friends, and from electrical equipment such as ceiling fans, washing machines, dryers, space heaters, and air conditioners.

At Greenleaf Electric, we want your home to be just as beautiful AND SAFE.  Items such as updating electric panels, replacing defective GFCI'S or updating to GFCI protection and arc fault technology, surge protection, and the latest smoke detectors will all give you the peace of mind to focus on the things that matter the most, your family. 

 Greenleaf Electric will come to your home and evaluate your current level of protection. We will discuss the recommended solutions, get your house up to date and at a reasonable affordable price. Call us today for special pricing. 


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Greenleaf Electric has experience in homes since 1996. We understand how important your home is to you. We provide a variety of electrical services for your home, whether you need a panel upgrade, a safety check, repair of outlets or switches. wyour wir, or are finally ready to upgrade the lighting in your family room. Gill Electric provides services and upgrades at a great value. 

Popular Home Services Include:

Panel Ugrades - Smoke Detectors/Carbon Detectors - Ceiling fans Recessed lights - Check outlets and Switches - Security lighting - Basement wiring - New additions - Whole House Surge Supressors  Chandeliers - Replace Existing Light Fixturesl - Dimming Control -  Troubleshooting - Panel Maintenance

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